Predrag Pavličić, Senior Associate

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Predrag graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, where he earned his LL.B degree. He has been a member of the Belgrade Bar Association since 2018.

Before joining our team, Predrag built a substantial career as an associate at the Commercial Court, within one of the Big Four accounting firms, and at several prominent law firms in Belgrade. His legal expertise spans a wide range of practice areas, reflecting his adaptability and broad skill set.

Throughout his career, Predrag has specialized in corporate, tax, employment, and administrative law. His proficiency in these fields has enabled him to deliver detailed guidance and representation to a diverse corporate and entrepreneurial clientele, ranging from local businesses to multinational corporations. He has been crucial in guiding clients through various transactions and legal processes, demonstrating a deep comprehension of complex legal matters.

Predrag’s core competencies include corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and tax law. In the fast-paced world of corporate communication and development, he has consistently shown a strategic and thorough approach. His expertise in handling corporate issues and tax cases underscores his capability to tackle complex legal challenges and provide well-rounded solutions for our clients.

Fluent in English, Predrag brings extensive knowledge and a diverse skill set to his role, ensuring effective communication and collaboration with both clients and colleagues.