Legal Services

PR Legal provides legal and business advice on a broad range of commercial issues that arise in client’s everyday business, such as establishment, mergers, transfer of shares, company reconstructions, joint ventures and other joint enterprises, as well as all kinds of registrations required by the Serbian Business Register Agency.
Our lawyers have vast experience in advising local and international clients on their hiring processes, compensation packages, individual and large-scale employment terminations, immigration, work permits and visas, legal compliance, labor due diligence in purchases and acquisitions, etc.
Our litigation practice is result-oriented, with focus to meet client’s highest demands and expectations in a challenging business environment, as members of PR Legal have an enviable courtroom experience in complex corporate litigation across the industries.
M&A is becoming an increasingly complex legal and financial area, where we assist Serbian and international companies whether they are acting as buyer, sellers or target companies. We take care of all legal issues related to a company transfer and work in a focused and structured manner to achieve the best results.
The value accorded to a company’s intellectual property is constantly growing. Assets such as trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights(including, but not limited to computer programs, databases, pictures, music and other types of work) are essential business assets and offer companies an increasingly important tool of differentiation.
Competition protection matter is highly important element of business transactions and also a part of the day-to-day affairs of most companies. Most types of commercial agreements, as corporate concentrations, demand a detailed analysis from a perspective of competition law.
The regulations as to how companies can market their goods and services are comprehensive with a tendency to become more rigid. There are special regulations with regard to the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, gambling and lotteries,etc., which is the reason why we support clients when launching campaigns for all types of media.
All companies use IT support in some form and companies either have their core business in the IT sector or their core business relies on IT support.Our staff deals with the following issues: licenses, maintenance agreement, outsourcing, development cooperation, e-commerce and intellectual property issues.
We provide clients with advice concerning different types of financing, such as project financing, setting up loan agreements and other types of financing agreements.Our clients demand our complete availability, solution-oriented and hands-on advice. We work proactively to meet our client’s high expectations in terms of quality and cost-effective advice.
We have extensive experience in complex property and construction matters and we are able to offer expert advice in all phases of construction projects, including the planning of permission issues, planning details, construction fines, composition of contracts, negotiations with municipalities and other authorities, support in disputes between buyers and sellers, lessors and the lessee, etc.
Our team covers most areas of tax law with a specific focus on tax rulings, M&A and corporate restructuring, real estate transactions and tax litigation. Economic crime concerns bookkeeping crime, tax crime and bad debts, which is why our law office provides comprehensive counseling on tax matters that involves reviewing and optimizing the client’s tax burden, business structures and contractual relations.
We have a vast experience handling cases between individuals or companies and state bodies, in particular regarding the VAT, local communities’ decisions on tax payment impositions, decisions rendered by the Commission for Protection of Competition, construction permits, various decisions rendered by the ministries in charge, or those related to IP protection, etc.