About Us

PR Legal is a business law firm which renders advice on a full range of corporate matters, from day-to-day legal issues to large M&A and capital-raising transactions.

We provide high-quality legal services to companies, entrepreneurs, private entities and public institutions, in a modern and pro-active manner, based on unique professional experience in high-profile transactions and disputes.

When we advise, we aim for practical feasibility, and when necessary, we dig deep in order to secure our clients’ best interests, either before the court, state authorities or counter-parties. In any case, commitment is omnipresent in all we do.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through understanding of commercial interests in light of present legal framework, by providing smart business solutions, and most of all by our passion for doing business.

In PR Legal we believe that exceptional results can be achieved only when talented and reliable people work together in the appropriate environment. With such approach and commitment,our focus is on teamwork and encouraging of relationships based on trust and cooperation. Investment in our people is investment in our future, which allows us to provide comprehensive and top quality assistance to our clients.

We care about our clients, while the building of strong relationships and a culture of excellent client service remains our main compass.