Corporate and Commercial

PR Legal provides legal and business advice on a broad range of commercial issues that arise in client’s everyday business, such as establishment, mergers, transfer of shares, company reconstructions, joint ventures and other joint enterprises, as well as all kinds of registrations required by the Serbian Business Register Agency.

Our goal is to provide our clients with sophisticated legal and commercial services through our extensive knowledge of industry practice and experience from commercial agreements, as our corporate commercial lawyers possess considerable experience so as to provide prompt legal and strategic advice to client.

A tailored agreement constitutes the fundamental basis for a successful business and therefore all possible problems may be anticipated and prevented through carefully prepared contractual provisions. The agreement should reflect the parties’ intention and it should support the profit anticipated from a transaction. As there is no risk-free transaction, our team of lawyers can help clients to determine and estimate a risk level that is reasonably acceptable from a legal perspective.

We assist our clients with review, drafting and negotiating a wide spectrum of agreements, such as distribution, purchase, services, franchise, supply, R&D, production, consultancy engagements, construction, and other forms, as well as in all types of transactions, whether routine transactions in their ongoing business or special operations that are decisive to the client’s future.