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PR Legal [Petrović · Ružičić] is a law firm established by Milan Petrović and Ivana Ružičić, attorneys at law duly committed to the Belgrade Bar Association, Serbia. Our offices are located at Studentski trg 10/4, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia. For any enquiry regarding our organizational structure or scope of work, please contact us using details specified in the Contact section of this website.

References such as “PR Legal”, “our team”, the “firm”, “we” or “our” used throughout this website indicate the founding partners Milan Petrović and Ivana Ružičić as well as independent attorneys at law, consultants and experts cooperating with PR Legal, as the case may be.

Our legal practice is governed by the applicable local laws and regulations enacted by the Serbian and Belgrade Bar Associations. The respective professional rules that we are bound by, including the Code of Professional Ethics of Attorneys, may be found at the website of the respective Bar Associations (click here and here).

Our attorneys have professional indemnity insurance. Please contact us for further information about insurance coverage.

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