Media and Marketing Law

The regulations as to how companies can market their goods and services are comprehensive with a tendency to become more rigid. There are special regulations with regard to the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, gambling and lotteries,etc., which is the reason why we support clients when launching campaigns for all types of media.

Our law office is well acquainted with the situation that media industry is currently facing, while the legal expertise enables us to offer adequate advice on every aspect of copyrights protection. Social media play these days an important role for companies’ marketing activities and we strive to take a proactive approach and always provide efficient advice. Also, we help companies with advisory and risk assessment services, including assistance regarding clients’ suspense of unfair competitors’ advertising.

We focus on providing commercially-targeted support with respect to marketing issues, providing advice in connection with the company’s own marketing and its needs. In order to avoid the risk from damage, it is a prerequisite to obtain legal advice before the launch of a marketing campaign.

Our clients are active in a different range of industries such as media, entertainment, software, IT industry, food, commodity processing and different types of services, as well as in the market of advertising campaigns in sensitive production/service industry, where PR Legal provides legal advice related to specifically regulated products and services such as food, excise products, sensitive types of services etc.