Borinka Dobrnjac, Senior Associate

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Borinka is a graduate of the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law, holding an LL.M degree in International Commercial Law from the same institution. She has been a member of the Novi Sad Bar Association since 2015.

With a professional career spanning nine years and having worked for two prestigious law firms in Novi Sad prior to joining our team, Borinka boasts extensive experience across various legal domains. As a seasoned corporate attorney, she specializes in labor law and employment, having held a notable position as the Head of the Labor and Employment Practice in one of her previous roles.

Throughout her career, Borinka has garnered extensive experience across various legal domains. In her previous practice, Borinka diligently represented, advised, and collaborated with a diverse clientele, including both domestic and foreign individuals, legal entities, small companies and large corporations, from both private and public sectors. She played an integral role in guiding clients through a spectrum of legal proceedings and disputes related to labor law, demonstrating a profound understanding of the rights and obligations of employers and employees.

Borinka’s expertise extends to advising clients on a range of employment matters, including the negotiation, conclusion, and termination of employment contracts and annexes, disciplinary procedures, drafting employer rulebooks, and other internal acts. She has also provided advice on tort liability in the workplace, redundancy programs, collective agreements, and relationships with trade unions.

Moreover, Borinka possesses vast experience in areas closely associated with labor law, such as the prevention and protection against workplace harassment, discrimination, whistleblowing, and health and safety at work.

Fluent in English, Borinka brings her wealth of legal knowledge and expertise to our team.