Marija Mužević, Counsel

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Marija is a graduate of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, where she earned her LL.B law degree. Additionally, Marija completed postgraduate studies specializing in Commercial Law.

With a wealth of experience, Marija offers legal support to a diverse clients, encompassing both domestic and international entities. Her areas of proficiency include corporate and commercial law, dispute resolution, and employment law, with special focus on regulatory compliance. Marija is adept at assisting companies in the day-to-day management of their business activities as well as in complex project operations.

Her particular focus extends to real estate law, where she provides comprehensive guidance on condominium matters, ranging from the building phase to sales, post-sales activities, and facility management processes. Additionally, Marija excels in navigating the complexities of lease agreements, showcasing her strategic and meticulous approach to negotiating and executing intricate leasing arrangements. Her proficiency in real estate matters, including both condominiums and complex lease agreements, underscores her ability to navigate multifaceted legal terrain and offer comprehensive solutions to the benefit of our clients.

In the realm of banking and finance, Marija has cultivated extensive experience, providing legal support to leading banks in Serbia.

Fluent in English, Marija enhances communication and collaboration, ensuring effective engagement with clients and facilitating seamless interactions in both domestic and international contexts.